Everyday pancakes with Ironize

Who doesn’t love pancakes?!

I am a huge lover of pancakes and who doesn’t remember those childhood days where your grandmother was making pancakes for you; those were good memories! With nutella or a little bit of maple syrup, which is how I ate them growing up.

Ofcourse we want healthier food now as most of us have to watch what they eat, but we also want more delicious food.
We need to make these two things work together.

Guys, thanks to Ironize you will have protein pancakes for breakfast all year long! Pretty sure you would loooooooove it! Food is life. Pancakes are life, so Ironize is life.

Just look at this and try to tell me it doesn’t look good for you.

Listen, these protein pancakes are superfast and easy to make. I use the Forged Pancakes from Ironize with vanilla flavor which is a combination of whey protein, protein powder and oat flakes. No added food color, no added sugar. These protein pancakes are healthier, but depending on how overboard or not overboard you go with the toppings.

Just take 1 scoop of the Forged Pancakes powder, add 100ml of water or 100ml of milk. Blend that baby up and cook in a frying pan.

And if you stopped there, you’d have yourself a pretty healthy protein pancake breakfast. You’d probably be the kind of person to top it with blueberries, raspberries, chia seeds or any other healthy topping. So so proud of you!

Of course, if you didn’t stop there, you would eat the dessert version of protein pancakes: think nutella, peanut butter, chocolate chips both in the pancakes and on top, and a drizzle of maple syrup to make it taste like HEAVEN.

Protein pancakes from IRONIZE, I am liking it A LOT!



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