A weekend in Hubermont

Visit Hubermont: this blog post covers the best things to do in Hubermont for people who want to meet, learn, develop or relax.

Hubermont is located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, near to the cute little village La Roche. Hubermont Space is a unique place for seminars, workshops, team building sessions and related programs and activities. Together with a group of influencers and content creators we visualized the location during our stay in the first weekend of December. We celebrated Christmas a little bit earlier this year…

I was surprised at how vibrant, fun and relaxed Hubermont was. Although two days weren’t enough, I did cover most things I wanted to do. I really couldn’t get enough of the great vibes.

Let’s take a look at the things to do when in Hubermont Space including tips and recommendations on how to spend your weekend.





When should you visit Hubermont?

Spring, summer and autumn seem to be the best time to visit Hubermont. Of course, this is only if you’re planning on avoiding the cold!

There are a lot of activities to do like hiking, cycling and mountain biking. For those who like to stay on the water, there are also plenty of opportunities for kayaking and rafting. Horse riding, rock climbing, golf, archery, caving, … are just some of the other activities you can do near Hubermont.

The Hubermont area not only has a lot to offer in terms of sports. We’re also talking about culture and events. For example, you can visit Celtic sites and medieval castles or you can attend events like the circuit of Francorchamps.





One of our first activities was kayaking on the Ourthe. I love the breathtaking view of the winding Ourthe that passes through the wooded valleys. Although it was cold and rainy, we decided to cross the river. Luckily nobody had fallen into the ice cold water.


Rock climbing and rappelling

Nowhere is the old adage “What goes up must come down” truer than in climbing.


I love to discover new places. When I was young I used to visit the Ardennes every summer but now it has been a while. I was pretty excited about rappelling down the mountains, because it was something I never did before. (A rappel is a descent off a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope). There were two options: a 10 meters or a 40 meters rappel.

I was a little scared so I tried the 10 meters rappel and watched my very best friend Angelo (Studio Obelix) doing the 40 meters rappel.

It was a really great experience that improved our friendship.


Equicoaching (horse whispering)




Under the guidance of coach Melanie Wittockx we did some exercises in group with the horses, which is a great method to personal as well as team-oriented goals. I likes the activity because it made me very relaxed and calm.


Ice skating


Ofcourse Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christmas tree and ice skating rink.

So we made the space at Hubermont a little bit cosier by putting up the Christmas tree! Afterwards we went ice skating which was a fun activity for the whole group. Let’s face it, if you are going to go ice skating, there is a big chance you will fall. I must admit that I am not the best ice skater but it was fun!


Cooking workshop










Another way to improve the group relationship is by making food! If there is any one thing that all human beings love, it’s food. Whether it be dessert, brunch or lunch, everyone has their favorite meal and their favorite food.

So, Marta made a delicious menu for us to make. Everyone was given a task and together we put a delicious meal on the table.

Music session

By the way, how cute is my Christmas sweater from Zeb Fashion?

In addition to all the above activities, it is also possible to organise or create an own activity. Thanks to The Starlings we could enjoy a beautiful house concert by the fireplace.


About the stay in Hubermont




We had the privilege to be invited at at Hubermont “Space for Development” that exists of wo autonomous infrastructures: “La colline” and “La Vallée”. We slept at “La Vallée” (10 rooms), a modern building in the hilly landscape of the beautiful Ardennes.

It has its own kitchen with breakfast room and a meeting room with fireplace. In my opinion, the interior should be more warm and atmospheric, but that is definitely something they can work on. From in the bedroom you have a nice view and the beds were very comfortable.




In conclusion Hubermont is a really great place for companies as well as families, that can enjoy the full use of all facilities and activities to meet, learn, develop or relax.






Location: Hubermont Space
Video production: Branded
Influencers: The Afterwork Blog, Angelo Vero, Laura Oliveira Granja from L’Olive, Marta from Everyday Marta, Kynan Cosma, The Starlings
Organisation: Studio Obelix


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