Christmas Brunch invitation at ABstoriesblog’s place


Hi guys!

This is the first time I am writing a blogpost in English because I’d like to write for a larger public. So please don’t mind if there are some English grammar mistakes ;).

Christmas table all decorated by Angelo.

December the 10th, I was invited at Angelo’s place for an early Christmas brunch with friends. Angelo lives in Ghent and is owner of ABstoriesblog. I met him two summers ago at Rockvillage while working for him as an intern. Rockvillage is a luxurious camping during the Rock Werchter festival.

This is Angelo, isn’t he looking cute?

It’s kind of a funny story because our friendship started with arguments and tears. I was expected to take pictures of the make-up of the festival-goers but unfortunately Angelo forgot a little piece of his camera in Antwerp. That time, I just got my driving license, like for a month, and he expected me to drive from Werchter to Antwerp and back to Werchter all alone.

When driving to Rockvillage, Angelo was sitting next to me and showing me the way. But on the way back I suddenly had to do two things at the same time: driving alone and reading the GPS. Ofcourse I set up a wrong address. Such things only happen if your name is Laura… And the worst of all, I didn’t notice that I was driving in the wrong direction.

Two hours later I received a phone call from Angelo asking where the hell I was. Me as innocent as a baby was trying to find out where I was when I suddenly saw a road sign saying “Kortrijk”. He obviously freaked out because I was almost on the other side of Belgium and I started crying ’cause I had no clue where the fuck I was. – Like am I supposed to have a Google Maps in my head? – I panicked, parked my car at the emergency lane and called my boyfriend at that time. He got very angry when he heard how Angelo was screaming at me, so a few minutes later Angelo received an angry phone call from him. Angelo instantly called me back, apologized, and gave me the exact location of Rockvillage. Luckily we could laugh about it afterwards and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So back to Christmas! I was so excited for the early Christmas brunch because I really like everything about Christmas and coincidence or not but it was SNOWING for the first time this year! So I was even more excited! But then I realized that the roads were very slippery and I was a little bit scared that my car would slip because I urgently needed to change the tires on my car.

Considering the circumstances I decided to just go through the snow. I was literally driving 60km per hour on the highway but I didn’t mind because I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Finally I reached Angelo’s flat or better said ‘paradise’. I really admire his interior style. It’s like an urban jungle with lots and lots of plants and vintage/bohemian stuff.

Angelo’s cosy flat.

When I entered a sweet smell of lovely food passed through my nose. The table was wonderfully decorated in Christmas theme, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Angelo. He always does his utmost best to make something special and unforgettable.

Each guest brought some different kind of food. I chose to bring some sweet Maroccan cookies. I was to bring Portuguese desert but due to a very hectic week, I didn’t find the time to make ‘rabanadas‘.

Have you already met Tigrou by the way? It’s Angelo’s dog and sometimes I dog sit this lil’ cutie.

When everybody sat at the table, Angelo gave a little speech and then the food attack started. Against me sat this spontaneous lady named Enya, known from her blog Mademoiselle Pardon. You should check her eye-catching website

I really love her personality because she’s so optimistic! She’s pretty much someone I definitely look up to. Anyway, if you like to read about traveling and discovering the world, you should check out her website or Instagram.

Next to Enya we have Daniëlle Verhulst from Djar. She makes fresh and delicious food in a different way, by serving the food in cute jars. We had the honor to try out her new breakfast recipe: chia pudding with mango and pear topped with granola. Unfortunately this healthy appetites are only sold in larger amounts to companies.

After trying the breakfast Djar, I tried out Davai for the very first time. Enya came up with the idea to bring these russian dumplings, a traditional russian recipe reinvented by two student entrepreneurs from Ghent.

Besides all these delicious food there was even more: Veggie IKEA meatballs, homemade Glühwein, homemade panacotta, fresh salmon and chorizo, different types of cheese, crusty bread rolls, hot chocolate milk and prosecco. After dinner, we played the not-to-be-missed Secret Santa gift exchange game. While everyone seems to have some of their own rules when it comes to Secret Santa, we did it this way:

  1. We wrote down each name on a little piece of paper
  2. The youngest person reaches into the hat and finds out to who he/she has to give his/her present to

I really love receiving gifts but I also like giving gifts and make other people happy. From Angelo I got a delicious tea from Dille & Kamille and also the cutest golden spoons from Sissy Boy! Thank you Angelo!

And also for bringing friends and food together. I had a blast!




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