Everyday pancakes with Ironize

Who doesn't love pancakes?! I am a huge lover of pancakes and who doesn't remember those childhood days where your grandmother was making pancakes for you; those were good memories! With nutella or a little bit of maple syrup, which is how I ate them growing up. Ofcourse we want healthier food now as most…

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Who’s in for bare legs?

It seems that temperatures are getting higher and that means we will soon go outside with bare legs! I don't know what about you, but in summer I need to shave my legs everyday to keep them smooth. Portuguese woman are blessed with thick dark hair and tanned skin. But…

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A weekend in Hubermont

Visit Hubermont: this blog post covers the best things to do in Hubermont for people who want to meet, learn, develop or relax. Hubermont is located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, near to the cute little village La Roche. Hubermont Space is a unique place for seminars, workshops, team building…

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